True Adjustable Silicone Pouch with Cover

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A silicone pad gives children a sense of independence, helping them explore and try different foods without fear of making a mess with its following features:


It closes with an adjustable snap that fits the child’s neck and does not cause suffocation.

It has a pouch to catch food scraps instead of them falling to the floor.

Protecting clothes from the baby’s vomiting and getting dirty while eating.

Gorgeous modern design with various colors and graphics.

Reducing the mother’s effort in cleaning up food scraps.

Keep the baby’s clothes clean.

Light and flexible, it does not disturb your baby.

Easy to wash and clean.

BPA free.

Quick to use.

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You do not have to constantly change your child’s clothes. The True Eating Bib is made entirely of waterproof silicone with a pouch; To feed your little one without staining his clothes, it is available in various colors such as milky, rose and yellow


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