True 360 ​​degree drinking cup for children

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A cup for water, drinks and warm milk.

Silicone handle so that the child can hold it.

Anti-spill when lifting the cup to drink.

Transparent plastic lid protects the drink from dust and contaminants

The True Baby Cup is the best type of cup for children starting from one year old. Because he:


360 degree cup baby can drink from anywhere on the frame.

Equipped with a lid to prevent liquids from spilling from a children’s drinking cup.

The children’s drinking cup has a silicone handle.

The True Baby Cup is easy to use and lightweight

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True cup for children is the first step in the journey of teaching children how to drink from a regular cup.. 360 degrees so that the child can drink from any side on the frame. It is equipped with a spill-proof lid and a silicone handle. It is safe for children and easy to use.

True brand children’s drinking cup, size 260 ml, specially designed for children from one year old. Suitable for teaching a child to drink from a cup of water.

Moms recommend the True Sippy Cup; Because it protects the child from liquids falling on his face and clothes when drinking


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