The Cluedo Game

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  • The Cluedo Game, Reimagined: This cluedo game combines classic cluedo gameplay with richly reimagined takes on the original murder mystery storyline, intriguing a cast of characters and glamorous tudor mansion.
  • Solve the mystery: Who killed boddy black?
  • Collect clues and race to be the first to work out who committed the murder.
  • Where in the mansion they did it and what weapon was used.
  • 6 suspects, 1 murder: Play as Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mayor Green, Chef White, Solicitor Peacock or Professor Plum.
  • Discover their fascinating backstories – and try to uncover their secrets.

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Who killed Boddy Black? Solve the mystery in this suspenseful Cluedo board game. When six guests arrive at Boden Black’s mansion, none are certain what to expect. But when their host turns up dead after revealing a sinister blackmail scheme, the pressure is on.


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