Polly Swing Up Leaf

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Discover this electronic swing from the Polly Swing Up collection by Chicco. Several removable toys, 4 swinging speeds. The baby thus has the possibility to play, relax and be packed from the first months! Super relaxing with swing, vibration and reclining backrest. In addition to the movement of the 4-speed pack, Polly Swing Up is equipped with a vibrating device in the chair to relax your baby. The backrest is reclining in two positions to ensure the ideal comfort for the baby, both during play and rest. Motion, sounds and melodies for your baby, that can be activated from a distance! Swing Up is equipped with a remote control to activate, even in the distance, the swing, fun songs, melodies and sounds of nature. So, you can decide at any time how to entertain your baby. Suspended toys stimulate baby’s musical sensitivity and manual coordination. Comfort from the first days! Polly Swing Up is equipped with a modular and removable reducer to keep your baby growing at every stage. The reducer is enveloping like a nest so as to keep the baby always in the correct position. Perfect for any situation! The adjustable sun hood allows you to protect your baby when outdoors. Swing Up is equipped with 3 suspended toys. It also has a removable top with rigid leg separator for safety and convenience! Foldable and compact. The frame is compact when closed and stands alone. Can be easily transported or stored.

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  1. Electronic: Rocking mode with adjustable speed, remotely controlled
  2. Fun: With vibrating function, tunes and soft pendants
  3. Foldable: Compact structure
  4. Remote control to activate the rocking, sounds, melodies and heartbeat from a distance
  5. Compact and easily transportable structure
  6. Standard: detachable tray with integrated safety rigid leg divider, three detachable hanging toys and vibration device that gently relaxes the baby
  7. Reclining seat: The backrest can be reclined in three different positions to guarantee your child the ideal comfort, both in moments of play and in those of relaxation.


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