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The new NUK Eco Control Audio 500 digital baby monitor provides new parents with the security they need, especially in the early days, when it comes to monitoring the sometimes inconsistent and restless sleep phases of your newborn baby.

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The baby monitor features an eco-mode which reduces the radiation in the nursery when your baby is sleeping. The full-eco-control feature constantly checks the connection between the two units so that parents can always be sure to stay in touch with their little one. You will be alerted immediately if your baby cries, but also if the connection is interrupted or the range has been exceeded. If you activate the Eco-Mode, the nursery will be 100% free of high-frequency radiation and your baby won’t be exposed to unnecessary electric smog.

The NUK Eco Control Audio 500 enables you as a parent to stay flexible and benefit from optimal safety and reliable monitoring.The digital FHSS technology ensures a reliable, clear and interference-free transmission of signals. This way, you won’t miss even the quietest of sounds and your voice will be transmitted without any interference.
Rechargeable LiPo batteries allow you to operate the portable parent unit without any wires. The maximum battery life is 18 hours and when the battery is slowly running low, the device will indicate by an alarm light and a beep that the unit is to be reconnected to the mains.

The noise level in the nursery is displayed not only acoustically but also visually via 5 LED lights. This way, you are also alerted even if the volume of the parent unit is reduced to a minimum or even muted.

Depending on their own needs, parents can individually adjust the transmission sensitivity. If this setting is low, for instance, the baby unit only reacts when there are very loud noises, and with high sensitivity to noise, even quiet noises, such as squeaking or babbling, are transmitted. The transmission sensitivity can be regulated in 4 different levels. With each individual setting the Eco mode is automatically activated as soon as the baby has fallen asleep. There is also the option to deactivate transmission sensitivity so that all sounds are transmitted. In this setting (level 5), however, the eco mode is also deactivated.


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