multifunctional changing table with bath

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with stand
– with a downpour
– with a thermometer

The Babyhood bathtub is equipped with an innovative sensor thermometer that shows the temperature of the water in three different colors. This is an additional way to ensure safety while bathing the baby. Now you will always know when the water reaches the optimal temperature for comfortable and safe bathing.


An important feature of a changing table with a bath is the presence of a shelf for storing all the things you will need during cosmetic procedures. Now you always have free hands, and all the necessary goods and accessories are always at hand.


The multifunctional Babyhood changing table can harmoniously fit into the interior of any children’s room. It can be easily folded and unfolded, allowing you to quickly adapt it to the needs of a fast-paced day with the child. Thanks to the high level of comfort and safety, you get a reliable assistant in caring for your child at every stage of its development.


Size: 51×19.5×85.5 cm

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The multifunctional Babyhood changing table with a bathtub is a universal helper for parents. This product is an ideal combination of practicality, comfort and safety for the child.


The special design allows you to quickly and easily transform the bathtub into a changing table and vice versa. The Babyhood bathtub is equipped with a folding mechanism that makes it easier to store and carry, and closing it with a special pillow allows you to create a table for convenient changing of the baby.


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