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Playgo set “Candy Set” is a combination of simulation and game. The set includes: 3 jars of mass for modeling 56 g each (red, white, yellow), 2 stacks for modeling, tweezers, 2 form palettes, 1 mold, a candy stand, 2 sets of chopsticks for chocolates, 4 pieces each. The plasticine mass included in the set is specially designed for children, it is very soft, it smells good, it does not need to be kneaded before modeling.

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  • Plasticine dries quickly, is odorless, does not stick to hands and clothes, is easily washed off, and also easily mixed, which allows to get new colors.
  • On the lids of the jars are stencils with which your child can easily make their own figure.
  • Both stacks and tweezers are made of plastic and have no sharp ends, which is safe for your kid.
  • With their help, he can easily and quickly cut the mass.
  • Your child will be able to create beautiful sweets with the help of palettes of forms, chopsticks and a big form for candy.


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