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Analog Philips Avent baby monitor  ideal for watching baby or toddler. Indicator lights sound. With 2 channels to minimize interference from other sources. Range: 150 meters. Battery Backup Time 6 hours. Low battery warning.

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  • Adjustable channel settings help eliminate interference.
  • Adjustable sound sensitivity allows you to hear very quiet sounds.

Convenient for use on the move :

  • Stylish, portable unit with a range of up to 150 m
  • Light indication sound informs every rustle in the kid’s room.
  • Light and sound indicators inform about the sustainability communication between units.
  • Easy connection of additional parental blocks.

Key Features :

  • Adjustable settings channels – 40 MHz analog technology allows you to adjust channel settings to reduce the noise and hear better kid.
  • Tally sound – when the baby makes sounds, lights are activated, so that even if you set the minimum volume or mute the sound, you still know when the kid in you will need. Adjustable volume – to adjust the volume of the parent unit to hear the slightest snicker splutter or baby hiccups.
  • We can also observe the child without sound. The fact that the baby needs you, you learn to sound light indication.
  • Display connection and battery level – to be sure parents light and sound indicators signal the presence and communication between units, as well as inform you of low battery parent unit to the power unit is not stopped suddenly.
  •  Battery life: 6 hours.
  •  Power supply: 110-240 V.


Tuner / Reception / Transmission :

  • Frequency range: 40 MHz (Analog).
  • Number of channels: 2.


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