Scout Buddy Ranzenset 4 pcs

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EGP 4,800

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Pink plaid girl satchel with colorful flowers and neon yellow front pocket.
4-piece set of rucksacks with sports bag, sling pouch, pencil case and satchel:

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  • Lots of volume, a lot of function.
  • robust and stable due to fixed outer frame,
  • big outside pockets.
  • Comfortable, breathable mesh padded, S-shaped straps in optimum width (4.5 cm) and length (at least 50 cm) with safety reflectors.
  • The back cushions are body contoured and breathable with mesh padding. They were constructed on the basis of more than 600 back profiles of children between 6 and 10 years old.
  • Spacious subdivided inner compartment for optimal organization and back-friendly packing.
  • Spacious front pocket, ideal for dining box or case.
  • Wide opening lid with timetable.
  • Easy-to-use raster lock.
  • Large-volume side pockets with drainage opening for safe beverage transport.
  • Sold separately: chest and hip belt for even more comfort.


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