Pop it spinner 4 eyes

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Just press the bubbles down and they make a slight popping sound; then flip it over and start again! Endlessly reusable and washable, too. The bubble sensory toy is ultra-soft with a comfortable touch and feel. This stress-relieving toy can help you relax. Can also be used for “warming up fingers” before doing fine motor activities and as finger strengthener.
The bright colors and pleasant sounds are sure to please you and your child.

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  • Pop-it fidget spinners stress relief sensory fidget toy.
  • Relieve your stress and meet your sensory needs when you push the little bubbles and make them ‘pop’ on this fidget spinner.
  • Fun way to keep the brain focused and the hands busy.
  • Pleasant sound, anxiety reliever toy for kids & adults.
  • Helps redirect unconscious habits such as leg shaking, knuckle cracking, nail-biting, hair twirling etc.
  • Great size, easy to carry, use it anywhere.


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