Philips AVENT Classic Plus Feeding Bottle 125ML Pink (1 Pack)

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Philips Avent BPA-Free  Feeding Bottles (1 Pack) with Newborn-Flow Classic+ Nipples promote the health and comfort of your baby. Whether you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or combining the two, these Classic+ Avent feeding bottles support your choices. Developed with extensive research and clinical trials, these Classic+ BPA-free bottles are proven to reduce colic and discomfort*. Designed for infants, these Classic+ bottles  capacity and an extra-soft silicone Classic+ Newborn-Flow nipple with one hole, making them ideal for small feedings.

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Philips AVENT Bottle plus with Classic+ Newborn Nipple promotes the health and comfort of your baby. This BPA free bottle is proven to reduce colic and fussiness, especially at night. The unique valve integrated into the nipple flexes to allow air into the bottle, preventing vacuum build up, and preventing air into your baby’s tummy. The valve on the Classic+ nipples also flexes to your baby’s feeding rhythm so milk only flows at your baby’s pace to minimize overeating and spit-up, burping and gas. The extra soft silicone nipple is available in different flow rates for babies of all ages. With few parts, rounded edges and wide neck, the bottle is easy to clean thoroughly. Ease of cleaning helps to ensure more hygienic, healthier feeding. The Classic+ feeding bottle works interchangeably with most of the Philips AVENT range making it easier to meet your growing baby’s changing needs. We recommend to use the Classic+ bottles only with the Classic+ nipples.


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