Nipples Natural Feeling

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Nipples Natural Feeling ensure more natural grip, like a mother’s breast. Eliminate the risk of rejection and preferences nipples. And guarantees maximum flexibility and elasticity. The elongated nipple sucking child support natural movement and provides easy capture of the entire nipple. And internal vertical grooves allow the child to easily suck the milk that flows smoothly, since the nipple is not compressed completely. Flexors at the base mimic the texture of the breast, increase flexibility and elasticity, as well as repeated sucking movements of the child.

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  • It prevents air intake reduces the risk of colic for a peaceful feeding.
  • Pretend mother’s breast and increase the elasticity and flexibility of the nipple.
  • Contributes to the correct position of the neck in the newborn to breast the most naturally happened.
  • The soft silicone and the grooved ring on the basis of creating the feeling of maternal breast.Normal and average flow to meet all the needs of the newborn.
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