LOVI Super Vent Bottle 150ml + Soother

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NOVELTY! A set of products that do not interfere with the child’s suction reflex. The set includes LOVI 150ml bottle and LOVI silicone dynamic tube.

Due to large amount of orders, stock availability may vary from the online website. Please check the availability and price by calling us on 02-37612377 or Online Chat.


The kit includes: LOVI Medical + 150ml bottle, LOVI mini silicone tube (0 m +), elastic sealing disc, screw cap – screwing the lid with sealing disc serves as bottle for storage of food in the refrigerator, freezer or walker, cover lid / cup with measuring cup – for milk, water, medication, etc.

The dynamic end of a  pacifier made from a thinner silicone layer extends like a mother’s nipple.

A rigid, wide, shaped base  made from a thicker layer of silicone requires proper lip attachment like breastfeeding.

Channels in the sausage  copy the lactation channels in the breast, regulate the flow and pressure of the milk in the sausage.


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