Hasbro furReal Rollies Animatronic Plush Toy: Unboxing Fun, Electronic Sounds

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furReal Rollies Animatronic Plush Toys are cute, cuddly (and very craveable) pompom pets that need kids’ love and care. There are 9 different pets from 3 fun themes – Safari, Forest, and Outback – but each one’s a surprise. Kids never know which pet they’ve adopted until they unbox it! (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.)

First, kids will discover a colorful furball. Press its button to open, and – has anyone ever seen a more adorable palm-sized pet? Is it crying for food? Feed it with its special treat accessory. Ready for playtime? Close its furball and roll it around! The pet will make happy sounds as it rolls here, there, and everywhere. A handful of fun for pet-lovin’ girls and boys ages 4 and up.

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The furReal Rollies are absolutely cute animatronic stuffed animals that look like little balls of fur and want to be lovingly cared for by children. There are 9 different animals with 3 great themes – Safari, Forest and Wilderness – but each one is a surprise. Kids won’t know which pet they’ve got until they open the package! (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.) First, the children discover a colorful ball of fur. When the button on the animal is pressed, it opens and the adorable, palm-sized animal appears. is it hungry It can be fed with its special treat. Does it want to play? All you have to do is close the ball of fur and the animal can be rolled around! When rolling, it makes happy sounds. A handful of fun for girls and boys aged 4+ who love animals. furReal and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.


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