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By mapping the natural course of the two-phases of milk production the lovi @ Haberman breast pump draws milk efficiently and in comfort. Simple to use, with a clear display, it offers very precise adjustment plus memory and timer functions so you can optimise your natural feeding cycles. Mains or battery powered, this 2-phase electronic breast pump comes in a hygienic, stylish bag for use at home or out and about. The pack includes parts to allow you to express manually if you want to. This breast pump was tested on 40 women under the supervision of midwives and lactation consultants.

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  • Like all good breast pumps the lovi Haberman Electronic Breast Pump is 2 phase (to mimic what happens naturally) and is a “closed” system
  • The 2 phases simulate the initial rapid suckling to stimulate milk flow and the deeper, longer suckling associated with feeding
  • Precise control of the variable suction power settings means you can set both phases so they are comfortable for your body
  • The memory function enables the pump to adjust and change to your natural rhythm automatically with an alarm to monitor expressing time
  • Ergonomically designed the soft silicone overlay makes it comfortable and helps stimulate milk production gently and efficiently


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