EasyFit baby carrier

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EasyFit is a very simple, intuitive to use baby carrier that is as simple as a t-shirt! Perfectly adapts to the parent and child, in accordance with the needs of both of them and the principles of security, to support the child’s development accordingly. The wide, ergonomic seat makes the baby carrier possible to use from the first walks.

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  • According to the opinion of the International Institute of Dysplasia Bioder, when properly used, the Chicco EasyFit is safe for children’s hips.
  • A very wide seat ensures proper positioning of the legs and a healthy position for the hips: the legs are based around the waist of the parent, with knees raised above the butt.
  •  EasyFit you put on and wear a t-shirt – quickly and easily.
  • It is important for both the parent and the child to carefully adjust the baby carrier to their needs.
  • In EasyFit you will do it quickly and very simply.
  • Only one move is enough to change the baby carrier from the position facing the parent to the parent’s back.
  • The upper part of the baby carrier can be raised to give additional support to the child’s neck and head.
  • Around 6 months, the baby’s hips are developed enough to safely use the baby carrier in the position of the back to the parent.
  • Time to get to know the world! The EasyFit baby carrier can be rolled up to a small size and stored in a bag.


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