Canpol Symmetrical teat 6-18 2pcs BONJOUR PARIS

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Light touch teats were created to provide maximum comfort to the youngest children. Their extremely soft silicone rubber requires less effort when sucking, and the light, profiled shield does not burden the bite and guarantees free breathing, which, according to specialists, has a significant impact on the proper development of the child’s oral cavity. **

The convenient pacifier holder allows you to attach the chain and makes it easy to give it to your baby.

You can easily keep the Light touch soothers clean, thanks to a modern case that can be used for storage, but also for quick and convenient disinfection in a microwave oven. A little water and 2 minutes are enough to keep the teats hygienically clean.

Light touch nipples are available in several unique, trend-inspired collections and in various sizes – they grow with your baby.


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