Bottle 120 ml Stardust

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A bottle for serving expressed mum’s milk. The dark color of the bottle stands out on the market, and at the same time allows you to control the amount of milk. Decorated with gold particles, emphasizing the uniqueness of the Stardust collection. Equipped with a professional, soft and dynamic nipple, which makes it safe for a breastfed baby – it does not interfere with the suckling reflex. The dynamic structure of the soother requires the active work of the muscles of the lips and tongue from the baby.

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  • a unique collection of Stardust
  • consistent colors of bottles and soothers
  • transparent bottle – visible amount of milk
  • protection of the sucking reflex
  • easy to combine breastfeeding and bottlefeeding
  • preservation of the suckling rhythm
  • active work of lips and tongue
  • compatible with LOVI breast pumps


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