BINGO Movable Goal

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The movable goal from Bingo: the first movable goal the children are trained to make goals when moving right and left. The movable goal has two-speed speed one for beginners and one for pro speed and a cheerful voice occurs when you make a goal.

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  • Develop physical and intellectual activity for children.Develop mental abilities, increase concentration through the child’s thinking about how to play, and try to focus in order to win.
  • Give self-confidence to the child, when he finds himself among the other children the winner of the game, this develops the personality of leadership in it. .
  • Make the child social and nurtured and integrated into the surrounding environment, by playing with his friends, the child learns how to deal with others.
  • Learn to engage children, collaborate, and teamwork.
  • Develop them patience and secrets to win.


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