Baby bottle with wide neck handle +0 180 ml from Safar

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free of BPA harmful to children’s health,
suitable for children from birth to approximately 3 months,
capacity of 180 ml, suitable for the needs of the child at this age,
with a wide neck, anti-colic, the wide opening makes it easy to keep the bottle clean And the nipple. Where it works to remove air bubbles during feeding, so it prevents the accumulation of gases that cause pain and a feeling of discomfort during feeding. The
bottle contains a soft nipple made of high quality silicone. It is lightweight and easy to carry for the mother, so it is easy
to carry it anywhere inside the bag.

The product must be kept clean. Before the first use, all parts of the bottle are disassembled and washed. Place in boiling water for 5 minutes to ensure sterilization.
Boiling for long periods can leave a mark on the bottle.
It must be cleaned before each use. All parts of the bottle should be washed well with clean water, in addition to the hidden places where food may have passed, to remove any food residue.
After use, food residue must be removed from the bottle and the nipple, then rinsed, washed and sterilized in a steam or electric sterilizer or boiled water.
Appearances are not used for cleaning.
The product is not placed in the microwave or in hot ovens and gas or electric stoves for the health and safety of your child. It
is used under the supervision of adults, so the child is not left alone to use


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