90 Cotton Buds sticks

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Chicco cotton sticks with eardrum protection are soft, flexible and are ideal for daily hygiene and baby care.

The ends of the Chicco cotton sticks are made of 100% cotton and have a particular shape that protects the eardrum and the internal parts of the child’s ear.

Chicco’s padded sticks with protection for the eardrum are available in a practical pack of 60 pcs, easy to close and always carry with you.

Due to large amount of orders, stock availability may vary from the online website. Please check the availability and price by calling us on 02-37612377 or Online Chat.

  • Chicco’s Cotton Buds cotton buds are perfect for baby care and hygiene.
  • Covered in 100% cotton, they offer a delicate surface suitable for cleaning the baby’s ear.
  • Made of flexible material, they are practical and delicate, designed by Chicco for everyday use.
  • The eardrum protection also ensures maximum safety for the child, while ensuring proper cleaning.
  • The Cotton Buds, thanks to the resealable lid, can be safely transported or stored inside each baby cleaning kit


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